Gospel: Old School vs New School

Satan,Your Kingdom Must Come Down: HYMN

this song originally sang through hymn has been recreated by The Shirley Caesar renamed: Satin were going to tare your kingdom down. 


For christians the archetypal story of “confronting your demons” come from the 1st chapter of Mark’s gospel: The Spirit immediately drove him into the wilderness, and he remained there for forty days, tempted by Satan.( Mark 1:12-13)


Tasha Cobbs: Break Every Chain: 2013

The song was originally written and performed by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band in 2009. The song was later covered by Jesus Culture in 2011. However, Tasha Cobbs interpretation of the song is the first commercially successful and accepted within the gospel community, of the trio. The song features an emotional female lead vocal performance using subtle use of vocal harmony, composed in major key tonality. Musically, the  song features electric rock instrumentation and R&B influences with upbeat lyrics. Lyrically, ” it’s a powerful chanting declaration sure to empower believers across the world. The official lyric video for the song contains over thirty-four million views on Youtube. 


Both of the songs act as spiritual war cry for Christian believers. These songs have a call to action for believers to rise up against the forces of evil/ the devil that is attacking God’s Kingdom. The songs both utilize marching sounds, call- and- response, and traditional negro spiritual sounds. They also have similarities through the visual of being a  female African American woman singing solo on a track. They both “sang there heart out”  


With the obvious time era difference, the hymn is a slower paced song with a more dragged out singing style. The 2013 song is more upbeat, fast paste, and  more lyrical song. After listening to both songs we see that one is more praise (2013) and the other is more worship (hymn).  The attitude behind both songs is different, the 2013 song is more joyful, victorious, and resistant while the hymn is more soulful and sorrow filled. 

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