Gospel in the 80s

Gospel music is a form of worship to Jesus Christ. What differs gospel from negro spirituals is the instruments used. Gospel music consists of rhythms typically from organs, pianos and percussion instruments. Hence the use of these instruments played in church. In the 80s artist like Shirley Caesar, Bebe Winans, Aretha Franklin, and Yolanda Adams made contributions to gospel music. These artist along with others produced gospel albums to be sold and performed concerts. This is how they made money off of their music. Their music gave people opportunities to worship outside of church. Shirley Caesar was a rising popular gospel artist during the late 80s. Personally I grew up listening to her in my household as well as my grandmothers. Two of her albums, “Her Very Best” (1987) and “I Remember Mama” (1989) consist some of her hits like “Jesus, I Love Calling your Name” (“Her Very Best”) and “I Remember Mama” (“I Remember Mama”). In my life gospel music is a use for inspiration and hope and I believe that is its true purpose. When I am going through tough times I was taught to pray and listen to gospel music. The messages that are sent through gospel songs are reassuring and motivational.

Popular Gospel artist and albums of the 80s are below:

Shirley Caesar

“Her Very Best” (1987)

“I Remember Mama” (1989)

Bebe Winans

“Heaven” (1988)

Aretha Franklin

“One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” (1987)

Yolanda Adams

“Just as I Am” (1987)[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0A8ixy01JI[/embedyt]

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