Gospel music is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African-American church. During the late 1800s, African-American churches in the southern United States started fusing various styles of music into their worship services, including African-American spirituals, hymns, and sacred songs. Such music was primarily sung at church and accompanied by hand-clapping and foot-stomping.


Some instruments commonly heard in Gospel music are the piano, organ, guitar, bass guitar, drums, tambourines, keyboard, violin, and brass horns. The instruments vary according to the sub-genre of gospel music being played. There are also dominant vocals involved when signing gospel music.

important Performers

Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caeser 


Gospel culture has been objectified, consumed, and marketed in divergent ways depending on the geographical location within the city of New York. Harlem, predominantly the home of the African American community, is the center of the development of gospel culture in the North East along with Philadelphia. Also, Harlem is the strategic site for the gospel industry as it became the tourism destination for others to view and appreciate supposedly authentic black community and gospel culture.

Influences on Future Genres

Soul and R&B were influenced by gospel music. They both take the soulful singing and rhythmic style of the genre adding a twist to make them their own.

Social Implications

The social implications of gospel music are that people find inspiration to live a better life and the type of music styles that are available today.

My Opinion

Gospel music is one of the many pieces that make up the African American community. Throughout history gospel music has been a staple that held our community together. Without gospel music many people would be lost and we would not have the same faith as we do now. Our grandmothers, great grandmothers, and great-great grandmothers  had the same faith and never lost it or waivered it, even during slavery, Jim Crow, and today.

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