Gospel Music rose from the influence of Jubilee Quartets. Gospel is a sacred genre of music that is a devotional to God. Gospel has notes of blues and jazz infused into. The father of Gospel is Thomas A. Dorsey. Gospel Emerged in urban centers like Chicago, New York, L.A., and Detroit. 

Social Implication

Gospel gained its popularity during the economic depression. 80% of the black population in the US did not have Jobs. Gospel Music gave Black people hope that their struggling wasn’t eternal, and was a source of comfort. Gospel impacted many genres of music such as RnB. 

Gospel Instruments:





Bass Guitar 






Famous Black Gospel Singers:

Kirk Franklin

Mahalia Jackson

Shirley Caesar

Fred Hammond 

Marvin Sapp

Thomas A. Dorsey

Mary Mary

Hank Williams 


elinam anyidoho

elinam anyidoho


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