Getting Jazzy

Getting Jazzy: Fusion Jazz

Sans le jazz, la vie serait une erreur.

What is Jazz?


What is Fusion Jazz?

To fuse means to join several elements together.  Therefore, fusion jazz is a subgenre of jazz that is a combination of several elements from different genres, specifically the fusion of jazz, funk, and rock.  Fusion jazz followed the peak of traditional jazz when listeners were searching for something more. Some defining characteristics of fusion jazz include: strong bass-lines, specific drumming patterns, and the inclusion of electronic beats and dance-rhythms. Coming from the rock genre, a few instruments that were extremely popular in fusion jazz are the electric guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard synthesizer. 

The Artists Who Made Fusion Jazz What It Is

Miles Davis

Miles Davis is a famous trumpeter who played a large role in establishing and popularizing fusion jazz. As one of the first musicians to incorporate electric instruments into jazz music, Davis played an instrumental part in setting the foundation for the subgenre. In addition to adding more instruments to his band, Davis also switched up the genre by simplifying the harmonies and emphasizing the rhythmic parts of songs.


“I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light.” 

– Miles Davis

Other Important Fusion Jazz Artists:

  1. Keyboardist Chick Corea
  2. Keyboardist Herbie Hancock
  3. Guitarist Larry Coryell
  4. Guitarist John McLaughlin
  5. Guitarist Pat Metheny
  6. Saxphonist Wayne Shorter
  7. Saxophonist Kenny G
  8. Drummer Tony Williams
  9. Weather Report
  10. Yellow Jackets 

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