Gentrification of Detroit Techno-Alanna Brown

To some, the city of Detroit has made major improvements, but to many residents, the city has not made improvements in the right direction. In the 1960’s the Detroit riots began. This was the start of destruction in the city. As time progressed black people were being pushed out of the city by white people who were replacing them. The city went to shambles and looked hopeless. In the 1980’s, techno was developed.  Techno is a form of electronic music produced using a wide range of computer-based digital instruments and software. It originated in Detroit and contributed to the well renowned music culture associated with the city. Techno played a major role in the development of Detroit during the early 80’s. During this time, Detroit Overtime, Detroit techno became known world-wide. Although some see this as a positive thing, it was seen very negatively by the people from the city. White people began to use this music and turn it into a new style that was associated with “raves”. Raves involve a large group of people typically in an outdoor setting jumping around and usually engaging in drugs. This is not the way that Detroit techno began so it is very disheartening to see the major changes that have been made within this style of music. During this time period, as more and more black people were pushed out of the city, white people moved in to the city and began to tear things down and build their own businesses and houses. Detroit Techno is not the reason why gentrification has progressed in the city, but it has definitely experienced the effects of the idea of gentrification. 

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