Gender Roles in Blues

Gender Roles in Blues

Ayami Oe

Blues is a type of music that is enjoyed by people all around the world today. Its birth traces back to 1920s and 1930s. We can see significant roles both African American men and women took in the rising of the Blues. 

While the Blues was becoming more popular, railroads were constructed in different parts of the United States. It was a typical job for African Americans. While they were working, they sang Blues. Because there were many men involved in railroad construction, Blues spread very quickly. Blues also helped them to work in uniformity. Men would move heavy construction materials at the same time with others with the rythm. 

Many people at that time enjoyed beautiful African American women, who were dressed nicely, singing the Blues. There are several reasons why women were becoming more and more successful in the music industry in this time. First, cocasion people were threatened by Afrncan American men. Therefore, they had to dress as clowns to perform. This helped women to arise. Secondly, it was touching to hear African American women singing about the violence that they face in their everyday lives. They sang about abusive husbands, and other inequality they face. 

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