The phrases of “get funky” and “funkified” are not new to the world and more specifically, they are not new to the African American community. Those phrases can be attributed to the genre of music called Funk. Funk music was birthed in the 1960s by African Americans. Pulling from jazz, soul, and R&B, funk music was born. Connecting back to its original music roots, negro spirituals, funk music was created to expresses the realities for Black Americans in America. The realities were like the music, unpredictable, wild, and unforgettable.  

James Brown

James Brown is considered the first Funk artist. His songs, sound and lyrics, are ones that the world will never forget. James Brown’s hit song “Cold Sweat” was the mother of all funk music. The song incorporated snare drums with special emphasis on the eight beats. Still pulling from the R&B genre but with a totally new beat, Funk music emerged from that one record. 

James Brown went on to be a legend despite his run ins with the law and his battle with depression. James Brown is a Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and considered to be the “Godfather of Soul”.

A Revolutionized African American Culture

The African American culture was indeed funkified buy funk music. Funk music shined a light on the experiences that Black Americans faced within America. Basking in the joyous part of funk music, it help bring pride  and awareness of racism within the black community. Emerging a whole new style, Funk music also gave the black community new dances and fashion trends. The black community used funk music as an expression of their realities. Funk music highlighted the social and economic crisis’s within the black community. Funk music has forever been engraved in the black community’s history.