Origin of Funk Music

Funk music originated in the mid-1960s through the danceable combination of soul music, R&B, and jazz.

Characteristics of Funk Music

  • Strong bass lines
  • Heavy syncopated beats
  • Instrumental solos
  • Use of electric guitar
  • Use of the bass as a melodic and rhythmic source

Important Performers

Conclusory Opinions

One thing that I appreciate about funk music is its ability to be applied to other music genres. I have seen many artists sample funk music in their songs. I believe that this often adds a different element to the music, especially those within R&B and Hip-Hope genres. As with most music created by African-Americans, the unconventional combination of the many music genres within funk music created something truly amazing.



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Dyson, Michael Eric. Mercy, Mercy Me : The Art, Loves, and Demons of Marvin Gaye. Pbk. ed. ed., Basic Civitas Books, 2005. Keys, Alicia, et al.

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