Funk it up!

Funk music is like the crazy child of soul music. Soul music was made to make people feel good and funk took that to a whole ‘nother level. Funk music was made to make you want to party. The genre began in the 70’s when Black people felt empowered and proud. We were really beginning to develop what we know today as Black American Culture. Right after the civil rights movement we were proud and happy to be Black and along with freedom, came afros, disco pants, and funk music. Funk music brought back bands! The music also consists of high pitched whining, sound vocalizations, dancing, and flamboyant clothing and hairstyles. There are many elements of soul, jazz, and r&b in this music and funk music uses all of the instruments from these genres to create a new and fun sound. With out a doubt the most important performer of this genre is Earth Wind and Fire. They are famous for songs such as September, Sing a Song, and Boogie Wonderland. They were creative and extremely talented and definitely reaped the benefits. This was a very profitable genre because it was centered around a culture of partying and consumption. People wanted to go to concerts, buy albums and be a part of the feeling this genre evoked. In conclusion the Funk genre was representative of the black power movement and significantly impacted current Black American Culture and music

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