Play That Funky Music Till You Die

Play That Funky Music Till You Die

What is Funk?

Funk is a genre of music that originated in the mid-1960s in Black communities in the United States and hit its peak in the 1970s. Funk is defined as a mixture of soul, jazz, and rhythm and blues and there are many derivatives of the genre. Some of those derivatives include: disco, hip hop, post-punk, and dance punk. Funk music is known for its strong baselines, syncopated beats, and emphasis from horns and percussion instruments. Funk music did not shy away from including social and political themes in the lyrics so while music-lovers were dancing to the groove of the beats, they were also listening to the musicians’ commentary about race relations and inequality. 

Characteristics of Funk

Strong Basslines

Syncopated Beats

Music to Groove to

Political and Social Commentary

Making a Statement: Funky Fashion

The Funkiest to Ever Do It

George Clinton

Founder of "Parliament-Funkadelic"

Some of Clinton's hits include: Atomic Dog, Nubian Nut, and Give Up the Funk
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Bootsy Collins

Funk Legend and Member of Parliament-Funkadelic

Some hits include: Get Up, I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine and Bootzilla
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James Brown

The Godfather of Soul

Some of Brown's hits include: Get Up Offa That Thang and I Got You
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The Champions of the Talk-Box Effect

Some hits include: More Bounce to the Ounce and Computer Love
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Master of All Genres

Some of Prince's hits include: Purple Rain and Soft and Wet
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Rick James

The Punk Funk King

Some hits include: Super Freak and Give It to Me, Baby
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Kool & the Gang

Music is the Message

Some hits include: Celebration and Jungle Boogie
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Psychedelic Soul and Science-Fiction

Some hits include: Testify and Give Up the Funk
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Earth, Wind, & Fire

Bridging the Gap Between Races

Some hits include: September and I Think About Lovin' You
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Sly and the Family Stone

"Rock’s first integrated band, black, white, women, men. Hair, skin. Fringe and sweat."

Some hits include: Dance to the Music and Everyday People
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