From Griots to Blues

The origins of the blues takes place in the 1890s in Deep South. The styles of the blues has been linked to griots. Griots were West African music specialist who were responsible for passing down the cultural history. Musicians specialized the technique by using slide or bottleneck in which they slide a metal bar across the strings of a guitar. They also used incorporated a third flat, flat fifth and a flat seventh degree in a scale they called the blues scale.

Blues music although originated by African Americans became popularized by European groups who adapted the techniques of the Delta Blues musicians. White artists and groups like The Beatles, Elvis, The Zombies and The Animals became popular and started creating blues records that were heard globally.  They stole the profits of the black musicians who started the blues and created the original style of it. The blues style of music eventually gave birth to rock and roll. Blues was prominent during the civil rights movement. Important Blues musicians include but are not limited to B. B. King, Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, and Muddy Waters.



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