French Original Drops Anticipated Debut Single “History”

French Original appears to be a new name to most electronic music heads. This chimes especially true after his name appeared as one of the first to remix the mega-huge collaboration “Pomegranate” between Deadmau5 and the Neptunes. But despite this accolade, there is not much music out from this new producer.

That was until today when French Original dropped his debut single “History.” The track is a buttery-smooth exercise in excellent deep house production. The track is filled with intricate effects that showcase the artist’s attention to fine detail. This includes everything from the pitch bending and warped vocal chops to the glistening guitar faded into the song. The bass line, however, is what really stands out. It provides a sensual groove that interlaces delicately with the heartbroken broken lyrics of spurned love. In other words, “History” is a solid debut release from French Original.

But before today, there were was no such thing as a French Original original track. And beyond one other remix, there is nothing else out there from this artist. So who is French Original?

The artist who would become French Original is originally from Cannes, France. Makes sense. Behind the scenes, he has worked with a myriad of musical acts of differing genres. This includes working with the Vamps, Connor Maynard, Plan B, and Madison Beer. His most recent song writing credit appears on the Meduza house banger “Born to Love” with Shells.

From what we can gather, French Original is a promising new artist with a lot of room to make a lot of noise. His debut track “History” and his recent remixes are proof of concept and his previous song-writing work is evidence of that he is an artist to watch in 2020.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: French Original Drops Anticipated Debut Single “History”

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

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