Francesca Small-IME


My name is Francesca Small, I am a sophomore English Major, Spanish Minor, from Brooklyn, New York.  I plan on pursuing a career as a professor of world and comparative literature with a focus on cultural studies and cultural authority.


I have a great love for music. I always wished I was a bit more talented in the musical sense, as I think it is such a gift to be able to create, and be one with sound. However, I will give myself some credit to say that I do have a great ear. I can recognize samples from oldies in new age hip hop and can tell when someone’s flow or beat is that of another song. Growing up in a city like New York, I was exposed to many different kinds of people, which influenced the kinds of music I like as well, as there are so many cultures that could be found.  From reggae to K-pop, I found myself listening and enjoying music that I might not have been exposed to in my own home.


My parents are both creatives. My mother designs clothes, and can make anything into something. She once made a rainbow wind chime out of old keys from her real estate days. She is even picking up the acoustic guitar. My father on the other hand is the real musician. He produces music and plays the piano, the drums, and the base. When he was in his twenties, he moved to Los Angeles to become a rock star, and did just that! While both of my parents are so talented, they put these talents on the back burner as hobbies, so they can have “real jobs”, but I think there’s no need. Because of their influence, I have a love for music of all genres, especially jazz, salsa, cumbia, house music, and hip hop, as those are what my dad loves to DJ most. I also played the Violin from the 3rd grade to around sophomore year in high school. I then participated in school musicals, my favorite being Little Shop of Horrors. My younger brother is much more instrumental, as he taught himself to play the electric and acoustic guitar.

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