Folk: The Beginning

The Origin and Influences of Folk Music

Folk music is one of the first genres of music that black people were exposed to. This genre was started in parts of Africa, and when the slave trade took place the music made its way to America.

The Elements of Folk Music

Patting Juba: this element can be described as percussion that was used by slaves to go along with their dancing and singing

Polyrhythms: many rhythms that are sung or played together

Call- response: this element can be described as using songs and performances to make a statement by having it answered by a soloist artists calling and a group responding


Banjo: this is a string instrument that is used in this genre of music.

Patting Juba: this is a dance that was used with performances of folk music. That involved stomping, clapping, and patting the arms, legs, chest, and other body parts.

Djembe: this instrument is a drum that is played using your bare hands from West Africa. This drum was used during folk performances.

Social implications of Folk Music

Folk music had a big impact on the people during that time. This genre was the first genre of music and was used during the time of enslavement. It allowed them to express themselves to get trough these hard times. This music game them hope and something they could look forward to and expresss themselves. The whites ended up having influences n the music which was unfair. This just shows that our music has influences on other races and cultures. 


African American Folk Music did not get its full credit as it should have. If it were not for this genre the genres we know today may not exist. As the 20th century comes around the genre gets recognition as it is performed.



Folk Music has left an impact on the music world. This music told stories of the enslaved, and these songs helped them to get through hard times. When they felt like they had no voice they were able to use music to have a voice, and to give them hope when things around them were in shambles. I am thankful to this course for allowing me to learn about Folk Music.

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