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Folk music has been a part of African American history since we arrived in the Americas. Folk music is performed by people and people and passed down by the people to the next generation. As soon as Africans arrived in the Americas, the transformation from African to African Americans was evolving. As a way to adjust to the new world, Africans began to combine what they knew about music and dancing with European music and dancing styles.  


Folk music consists of a call-response which is a song structure in which a singer makes a musical statement that is then answered by a soloist, and/or group. Folk music also consisted of lots of dancing also known as patting juba. It also consisted of polyrhythms, drums, and banjo. Folks songs were passed on from generation to generation, so that why the authors for these songs are unknown.

Social implications

 Folk music was used as a way to help the enslaved persevere and tell stories along the way.  


Folk music is something that was music that was passed down orally and influenced the development of other African American music genres. These genres are the evolution of folk music. 

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