Folk Music- Amari Davis

Article Review and Critique

Summary of Article:

The author starts off with a paragraph on what Folk music is. It is stated in the article that Folk music is the root of all American music, and was the first type of music created by black people. Which is surprising new information because most people believe that “Negro Spritual” music was the first to be created. After going over what Folk music is, the author then talks about the different elements of Folk music. For example, djembe, banjo, and pattin juba, name a select few. The author gives examples of these through videos at the end of the article. 



The only thing that I would change about this article is that I wish it had more information about Folk music and its history. The author does write about elements of Folk music, but it would be more beneficial if they talked more about the origin and past. Throughout the beginning of the first paragraph, the author only makes statements about Folk music but never goes into detail. Unfortunately, this takes away from the article and makes it harder to comprehend. 

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