Folk Music Review

Jewel Lewis

August 27, 2019

Professor Johnson

Survey of Music

                  The article discusses how folk music originated. And of course, it stems from African people, like most genres of music do. Even though it did stem from African people they often didn’t get credit, and their work was stolen and used by white people. The Folk genre of music was not made for entertainment, it was made to help slaves send signals to each other and sometimes to give slaves instructions to lead them to freedom. As the article said folk music was formed through the pain, suffering, rhythm, and hope of the enslaved African people.

         Folk music is folk music because of the characters and elements it possesses. In the earlier times of the genre djembe drums and banjos were used to include the African characteristics. Even though folk music was stolen and white washed, people will always be able to link the genre back to Africans because of the elements embedded in the music.

         From the beginning of time whites have never had their own culture and always have found a way to bring minorities down. While also stealing African cultures and traditions, they also disrespected it by turning it into something that’ll entertain them.

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