Folk Music: POV from an African American Woman

Folk Music: From the POV of an African American Woman

Who found Folk Music?

While reading up on folk music I noticed that the first thing you see when looking it up is white people. For the longest time people have had the idea that white people created everything, but the reality is that African Americans actually built America. From buildings to music. The white men told us what to do and then took the credit for it. Folk music is actually the earliest form of African American music.

Elements of Folk Music

  1. Call and Response- A call and response song is when a singer or instrument makes a musical statement that is answered by another group of people or another instrument. 
  2. Polyrhythmic Sound- Several contrasting rhythms are played or sung simultaneously   

Folk Instruments

 Banjo- The banjo is an instrument of African origin. Slaves brought this instrument over from Africa.

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