A Review of A'Shiah N.'s "The History of Folk Music"

I read “The History of Folk Music” by A’Shiah N. She wrote about how Folk music was stolen by white people and made famous. It seems that is the case for many genres of music. Folk music was used as a medium for hope and perseverance during oppressive times. Harriet Tubman was involved in Folk music because it was such a way to help relieve the pain of enslaved Africans. The author of this post seems to know a lot about what the history of Folk Music is. I hope all the information is accurate. Folk music was created during the transatlantic voyage, an experience very specific to African American people. The fact that the whites do not share this experience and used the music that blacks used to get through their struggles is appalling. Folk Music was about suffering through pain, sorrow, loss, and all the other themes that come with slavery, so the fact that white people were not experiencing these things, but we also the perpetrator of them is what is the wrongest about the entire situation. The author did a good job of breaking down the instruments involved in folk music like the banjo and djembe drums. She explains how they are made and how they are played. I do wish there was more information about specific artists that were prominent to the folk era. 

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