Critique of “The History of Folk Music”

This blog post gives the reader a clear and structured general overview of the historical context behind folk music. It discusses the topic through several larger aspects, such as origin, characteristics/elements, social implications, and commodification. Before reading this, I assumed that folk music was originated by white people during the 1950s because that is the main kind of folk that I’ve heard of, but this post taught me that folk was stolen by blacks. This post did a good job of bringing me to a general, surface-level understanding of folk music, but it could be more descriptive. If this post had gone into more detail about important black folk performers and the commodification of it by white performers of the era, it would have been more comprehensive in my opinion. Also, this is a personal preference thing, but I didn’t really like the white text against the bright turquoise blue background. If I had done the post, I would have chosen colors that are more complementary to each other. 

Additionally, the video at the end of the video should have a little blurb above it giving it context to how it’s relevant to the post about folk music. The title is “Blackface: a cultural history of a racist art form” and this hasn’t been discussed anywhere else in the post. I would have written a couple sentences about how the video is related to the topic above the video.

Final Thoughts

Despite this, overall, the post was descriptive and informative. It provided a good amount of information about the subject


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