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Folk Article Review: Is this related to "kinFOLK"?

Article:  “African American Folk: The Beginning of Music” written by Kennedy Starke

After reading the article “African American Music: The Beginning of Music”  I learned more information on folk music. The genre of folk music was created by slaves in the new world due to the lack of allowed native culture and lack of instruments. Originally created to be a means of expression for the African culture, folk music has expanded and its presence has been seen in a multitude of areas. The genre itself is comprised of various elements such as call and response, polyrhythms, patting juba, and acceleration. Polyrhythms are when multiple rhythms that contrast are composed to be played or sung at the same time. Patting juba is rhythmic body procession including clapping and stomping. In addition, the genre has many instruments associated with it but the most common one is the banjo. Although folk was created many years ago, it has lead to the creation of other genres who share the same aim as the “founders” of Folk Music. The biggest thing I took away was that Folk Music stood at the forefront of music during its prime.

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