Nina Simone, an incredibly talented African American singer-songwriter, embodied the elements of folk music through expressing the injustices that African Americans were subjected to during the Civil Rights Movement.

The Extensive Influence of Nina Simone and Folk Music

One of her most famous pieces, Strange Fruit, captured the essence of Black people being lynched and experiencing the racist Southern environment. This is one of many examples of how Nina Simone, and many other musical pioneers utilized folk music to raise awareness of the racial tensions that impacted the lives of Black people. Folklore and its extensive influence has paved the way for many African Americans, women especially, to showcase their talents and advocate for feminism, racial equality, etc. Throughout history, folk music has been incorporated in numerous genres, such as neo-soul, gospel, and r&b. This shows how broad the impact that folk music and artists like Nina Simone has had on African American culture.

The passion that Nina Simone expressed through folk music was also displayed through her activism in protests and marches. Folklore and other music genres were major influences in the Civil Rights movement, thus showing the importance of folk music in the Black community.