Fisk Jubilee Singers

The Fisk Jubilee Singers were originally created as a 9-member choral group to raise money for the historically Black Fisk University, met with a bit of hostility for preforming Negro Spirituals and not the very popular minstrel style. (Our history. Fisk Jubilee Singers. (2017, December 7). Retrieved February 5, 2022, from


Negro Spirituals are songs that were created and sung by African Americans during the period of enslavement. Merging African heritage/culture with the current circumstances faced under slavery. Negro Spirituals became a way for enslaved African Americans to express themselves and escape to freedom (with hidden meaning in some songs). These spirituals were passed down through generations. 

As they grew in popularity, the Fisk Jubilee singers made enough to cover the expenses of their institution. The audiences they sang for and the venues they sang at grew larger and larger, they eventually sang at the White House invited by President Grant.


The Fisk Jubilee singers have toured Europe and achieved many esteemed honors, including having Jubilee Hall being designated as a National Historic Landmark, a Grammy nomination and tours across the U.S. This legacy was built and is maintained through the cultural legacy of Negro Spirituals left by Enslaved African Americans.

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