Final Goodbye

Dear Doc (and Brooke), Thank you for such an exciting class.  I really learned a lot, and what I like most is that I learned it from writing my own artists posts! Class was always very entertaining, and unlike some of my classes I can say I learned something new everyday.  Although I have played instruments before, I have never actually researched the origins and gone so in depth will any genre.  I really enjoy making connections from what I learned in class to my normal life.  Now I can name any famous black artist of any genre and what songs they sang, the influence and background of a genre, its impact on society and so on.  Another thing I gained from this class that I don’t think I would get from any other class is watching rappers party in Magic City and hearing some of the crazy things they say! (Lol).  But in reality, the thing I really gained from this class was a fun, educational break from common general courses I am fulfilling my freshman year.  This class really put me in a good mood after leaving and it also encouraged me to listen to so many more genres of music than I typically do.   Thank you for one of the most fun classes Ive ever taken! Sincerely, Taylor

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