Feelin’ Blue With The Blues

Feelin' Blue with The Blues

In the late 20th Century, the genre of the Blues emerged during a time of pain and sorrow with social implications in southern cities such as, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Memphis. During this time, the black community was still adjusting and trying to progress, they found their way in the Blues. In the music, they expressed their desires, struggles, and overall any emotions felt. Blues acted as a musical outlet for these communities.

Social Implications

After Slavery had ended, the people of the Black communities believed they would get a fresh start and second chance to life. Unfortunately, they were wrong, the end of slavery opened a can of new threats to their people. The emergence of hate crimes from Whites began. There was lynching, racial segregation, Jim Crow Laws, and more actions suggesting inequality of their people. Blacks were not allowed to do many things, including work or go to school in many areas. They had to fight for every single right. So, they felt blue and turned to the Blues.

Popular Artists

  • Idda Cos
  • Mamie Smith
  • Bessie Smith (First Photo)
  • Sunhouse
  • Skipjames (Fourth Photo)
  • B.B. King
  • Lead Belly




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