Evolution to Blues


Blues is a collective musical genre that is inspired by stories of loss and tragedy, injustice while also communicating victories. The blues was developed by African Americans in the deep south during the early 20th century after the Civil War. The Blues era dated back to the 1890s and early 1900s. It became mainstream during the 1920s. Blues was influenced by old work songs from slavery, minstrel shows, ragtime, folk music and gospel music.  

Father of Blues:  

The father of blues was considered W.C. Handy. He earned the title after writing and publishing the very first victorious blues songs “Memphis Blues”. In 1914 he became more popular after writing and publishing “The St. Louis Blues” making millions.  

Impact on Rock and Roll:  

– As the blues genre developed more it began its emergence into rock and roll. Earlier rock and roll are very similar to blues in its rhythm and its perspective.  

Instruments used in blues songs: 

  • Guitar 
  • Piano  
  • Drums  
  • Bass  
  • Voice  

Blues Artist:  

  • W.C. Handy 
  • Bessie Smith 
  • John Lee Hooker  
  • Ma Rainey 
  • Ida Cox 
  • Robert Johnson 

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