Evolution of Hip Hop

The poster I created to depict the evolution of hiphop shows the Black power flag as a background this represents the origins of the genre. Hip hop was a genre we controlled. We used it as a tool of empowerment. Rap and hip hop music allowed us to tell our own stories to our people in our own way. Black power will always be the background of Hip hop music. It did originate in the streets, it is not a genre that belongs to the classically trained musicians of the world. It started out as music for natural poets to have a melodic way to empower our people. During the 80’s the war on drugs began and the involvement of drugs in hip hop music became predominant and changed the nature of the music. We were unable to fight because drugs were literally killing the spirit of our communities. This is why I showed drugs, violence, and sex on the knuckles of the Black power fist. The very tools we used to fight morphed into tools used to kill us. I also put these words in white because white America began to control Hip Hop music by controlling our neighborhoods and our people and this was the beginning of the detriment of the genre. Fame is now the most important part of hip hop and rap music and the message of empowerment has been lost to a desire to be flashy and famous. I wrote the word fame on top of the fist because fame has now won over power. It is written in yellow as a warning to our community to slow down, take time to think and do what is important and best for our people.

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