Eva Kelly

Concert: Christmas Carol

The concert that I chose to attend was the Spelman-Morehouse glee club Christmas Carol. Saturday nights showing was at Spelman College at 7:30pm. There were

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Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton Style and Inspiration More info is listed below Musical Development Musical Development more info is listed below Click Here Family and Upbringing Family

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated in New York City starting in the 70’s. It was a new creative outlet for African Americans. Records, turntables, DJ’s and MC’s

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Musical Theater: A New Era

Black people throughout American history have faced discrimination in every aspect of their lives. Through social entertainment in the late 19th century and early 20th

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Gospel music originated from hymns, call response, shouting, and negro spirituals. It became a genre after slavery which infused all of its predecessors. The genre

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Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals are a staple in the black community. They are poly rhythmic and tend to reference religion. A prominent negro spiritual artist was Marian

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Ragtime Post

Ragtime was the first African American music genre to be popularized in mainstream american culture. Although this genre was popular, in mainstream media it degraded

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Women In Blues

Women in blues, specifically black women were prominent figures. They rose above the cards they were dealt with.Black women faced oppression, misogyny,  racism, and poverty.

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