etta james

Very few R&B artists managed to recieve the kind of consistent reclaim Etta James recieved throughout a career over the time span of six decades.  Etta James was created in a era where music was constantly changing. Jazz and Blues became a wildfire across the United States. Many individuals saw music as a drug. Something that left people wanting more and would do anything to get; a motto many Artists during that time lived by. she recorded a number of enduring hits, including “At Last,” “Tell Mama,” “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and “All I Could Do Was Cry.” At the same time, despite possessing one of the most powerful voices in music, James only belatedly gained the attention of the mainstream audience, appearing rarely on the pop charts despite scoring 30 R&B hits, and she lived a rough-and-tumble life that could have inspired a dozen soap operas, battling drug addiction and bad relationships while outrunning a variety of health and legal problems.

-diamond veney

After doing much research about Etta James. I learned how diverse she truly was , as well as her personal life and the effects it had on her singing and health. Many try to place artists in a box and they refuse to remove them from it. And it the artist was to come out of the box , it would effect the audience they reach. Etta made it clear she did not care for the box, that she does what she pleases and refuses to be simple.

-nyadirah stephens