Eternity Ballour: 90’s Classic Soul Child

My name is Eternity Ballour and I am a sophomore psychology major with a concentration in neuroscience on a premed track. I am from Columbus, Ohio but I was born in Cleveland, Ohio home of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I aspire to be a neurologist and hope to achieve that through years of schooling here at Spelman and hopefully at Stanford school of medicine. I will continue my residency somewhere in the United States and following my certification I will join Doctors without Borders where I will help fight global health disparities. After that I will come back to the States and continue practicing medicine and I hope to open my own practice one day.

I am excited to take this course because I genuinely love African American Music. Every song has a story and it always takes me back to distinct memories, or connects to my emotions. Sometimes hearing Toni Braxton’s hit album Toni Braxton, takes me back to Sunday’s of cleaning the house with my family. I can still smell the breakfast food and fabuloso. Music is such a fantastic area of our culture that connects generations and in a way allows us to feel and listen to history. Since the African Diaspora Black people have developed a culture of their own separate of African Culture. With that we have our own food, music, cinema and other diverse areas and that make us unique. Through this class I hope to learn about the history of African American Music and discuss how it relates to the struggles of the time. Through listening to the music I hope I can listen and feel how it related to the struggle and how it relates to me. I hope to debate over the greats and expand my music library.

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