Endless Summer Tour – Sept 5th

The Endless Summer Tour is headlined by G-Eazy, Lil Uzi, Ty Dolla $ign, and YBN Nahmir. I attended the tour on Sept 5th of 2018 at the Lakewood Amphitheater. The genre of each of these artists is Hip-Hop/Rap. The Endless Summer Tour has been a reoccurring concert that G-Eazy hosts during the summer. However, he brings different artist each year. In 2018, G-Eazy recruited Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, and up and coming artist YBN Nahmir. Each of these artist have collaborated with G-Eazy in the past, thus his reasoning for bringing these artist along this year. G-Eazy’s style is very similar to Eminem, as his race is also white. YBN Nahmir was one of the first opening acts. YBN Nahmir is also a rapper but is in the very early stages of his career. Nahmir performed his most famous hits, ” Bounce Out with That” and “Rubbin Off the Paint”. It was very obvious that he had never performed, because he didn’t have any graphics to accompany his performance. However, no instruments were apparent during his set, only the sound of the beat in the background. YBN Nahmir’s set wasn’t that impressive, and his music actually sounded worst in person than it does on the radio or online. Although, Nahmir’s energy remained high throughout his performance it still didn’t compare to the sound quality of listening to his music online. As the concert continued, we recieved notice that Ty Dolla Sign wouldn’t be performing due to his arrest earlier that day, which was a bit disappointing because we were looking forward to seeing him performing his new music. Following YBN Nahmir, was Lil Uzi Vert. Lil Uzi Vert is an rapper, singer, and songwriter who is notable for his combination of rap and rock music. There was a major difference between Lil Uzi and YBN Nahmir’s set, as Lil Uzi is a more experienced artist who used more graphic displays and set decorations, which ultimately added more visuals for the audience. Lil Uzi performed a longer set list with songs from his latest albums. Songs such as XO TOUR Llif3, Money Longer, Do What I Want, You Was Right, The Way Life Goes On, and Sauce It Up. There was been much speculation surrounding the idea of Lil Uzi being a devil worshipper due to his fascination with the term ‘666’ and if you saw his name ‘Lil Uzi Vert’ fast enough it sounds like ‘Lucifer’. Uzi obsession with the devil was shown in his visual display on stage, as there was an upside down cross on center stage. There were no instruments only the use of the beats of his songs to play in the background, as he rapped. He was extremely engaged with the audience, as he danced across the stage and even reached out to touch the audience’s hands. He was much more entertaining to watch, and had a much clearer sound compared to YBN Nahmir. Next up, G-Eazy. There was a 20 minute intermission between Uzi set and G-Eazy set, and more of his fans began to enter the theater to see the main act. It became clear that G-Eazy’s fan base was made up of a majority of white people, as thats what we were surrounded by. We were more interested into the opening acts, so we left after Lil Uzi’s performance.

By the end of the concert, I felt it was an overall good concert. I wasn’t expecting much, since these aren’t my first choice artists. However I would say there were other concerts that were better than this one, because the line up wasn’t very strong due to the missing component of Ty Dolla Sign.

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