Elements of folk music

Elements of Folk Music

-Folk music is a very traditional and rural type of music, transmitted orally or aurally
– enslaved west Africans created work songs when laboring in southern fields
– gospel music is a part of folk music that became very popular second great awakening during 1800-1850
– Folk music is one of the earliest forms of black music, dating back to 1820
– some famous artist known for folk music are lead belly, nina Simone, Bruce langhorne
– many folk music songs consist of struggles, empowerment, human rights and the sort of tirelessness from black community 
– artist such as Ledbetter or leadbelly were such an influence on todays artist like common
– many of the songs created by enslaved Africans were different types of calls for communicating with each other
– call- and- response songs were used as translations and sorts of echos by people known as “criers”
– call-and- response songs were used as to spread news or information
– folk music was used for religious ceremonies
Some of the most famous folk songs within the African American community are:
1. By and by
2. Don’t you let nobody turn you around
3. Wade in the water
4. Watch and pray
5. Warriors song

Instruments that make up African American folk music
1. Banjo
2. Fiddle
3. Drums
5. Guitar

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