Alberta Hunter

Alberta Hunter was an underrated blues singer who didn’t garner celebrity status until much later. She was considered the upmost consistent blues singer due to the fact that she sung for practically the entire twentieth century, and all throughout her retirement. This post will describe Alberta Hunters life and her legacy on the blues genre.


Alberta Hunter was Born on April 1, 1895 in Memphis Tennessee to Laura Peterson and Charles Hunter. Her father abandoned the family soon after her birth. Her mother remarried but Alberta Hunter wasn’t fond of her new family. She ran away around the age of 11 and got a boardinghouse job for $6 a week. She dressed older to sneak into clubs, where she asked for a chance to sing there as a singer. By 1915 she was singing at the Panama Café, this is where many leading blues singers performed as well.

Rise to stardom

Hunter relocated to New York City. For one of her jobs she traveled with the Keith-able Vaudeville circuit(this was a major music chain). Hunters original song “Downhearted Blues” brought her recognition when it was covered by Bessie Smith. In 1926, she also replaced Bessie Smith on the Broadway Show “How Come.” She’s worked numerous of gigs since then and retired from active performing in 1954. She began a second career as a practical nurse. She completed 20 years of service before being forced to retire due to the mandatory retirement age of 70 in 1972. (she was actually 82 because she lied about her age to keep working) Hunter made two recordings during her nursing career in 1961 and in 1962. After her retirement she made a comeback and performed at Cookery nightclub . Her comeback garnered her greater fame than in her earlier singing career. She had gained celebrity status and during this time she created more albums. 

Famous songs

Alberta Hunter early into her career.

“Downhearted Blues” was the song that blues singer Bessie Smith covered. This song along with Bessie Smiths cover of the song helped Alberta Hunter become known.

Alberta Hunter singing long after retirement

Awards and Accolades

Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon for Outstanding Service


City of Memphis Award for her immense contributions to the blues


Handy Award as Traditional Female Artist of the Year


NAACP Image Award – Hall of Fame Award


Alberta Hunter had a tremendous influence on the blues genre. Her career as a Blues singer spanned through almost the entire twentieth century. At a young age she influenced greats such as Al Jolson and Sophie Tucker with her singing. Even blues great Bessie Smith decided to cover Alberta Hunters song.  Hunter was not only an impeccable Blues singer, she dominated the music writing scene as well and decided to push through. She didn’t only just stick to her singing career, but had a nursing career as well. Alberta Hunter shows us that we don’t have to limit ourselves to one career, but that we can choose to do whatever we desire. Her hard work in blues and outside of it shined through for many centuries.

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