Gospel Music Posts

Gospel music is a genre of christian music. This music is a very cultural type of music. Gospel music has dominant vocals but christian music. This genre of music has strong roots to the African American community. These hymns and sacred songs had a very strong connection to the African American community as it was also very deeply rooted in the African Community. Gospel music in African American churches were used along with clapping and stomping as it became a noticeable action within each church. The pattern of Gospel music changed when the King of Gospel, Thomas A. Dorsey, starting working in a church in Chicago. Dorsey is significant in the Gospel Genre because he created a new form of gospel called the gospel blues. Gospel music continued to evolve throughout the 1930s and four distinct styles of gospel became relevant. These four styles are quartet style, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship. The gospel quartet style consisted of a small number of male vocalists that sing together in harmonies. Traditional gospel is a more basic sound suiting type of gospel that is typically used with a choir. Contemporary gospel places more emphasis  on solo artists. Finally, praise and worship is a combination of both of the contemporary and traditional gospel styles, however, this still when a praise leader leads their singers.