What’s Up With Folk?

What's Up With Folk?

“That’s all folks… Music” Article Critique by Sarah Bradford

Folk Music originated in 1865 in the Americas from Africans of from divine cultural descent.

 In “That’s all folks… Music” article, readers are given the chance to get to know the art of folks music from the beginning of time. The article begins with a few facts of African’s culture and why music is important to them. Then dives into detail involving their instruments used prior to advancement until today. As the article progresses we as readers get a glimpse of the timeline of the Folk Music along with the origins, of cities and states.

This article was published on March 7, 2019. The article opened up with an explanation of the history of Folk Music before diving into the madness. Folk Music is not just regular music, Folk Music tells stories from slavery. We would not know what we do now, had it not been for Folk. This particular genre’s music passes on through years to continuously tell the stories of the past.

The article then proceeds to break down the genre, expressing the different components that make up Folk Music, for example Patin Juba. With Patin Juba, the banjo was used to share the melodies from the plantations. 

Then the article closes by givings us readers a few examples of popular Folk artists. Overall,  this article was very informative and synced with the course.

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