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Dixie hummingbirds

One of the most legendary gospel quartet which came about in 1928 was known as the Dixie Hummingbirds. Founded by James B. Davis in South Carolina generated what became one of the most successful group in that era along with Fred Owens, Wilson Baker, Barney Parks, and Jimmy Bryant. They began their career in he late-30s as a jubilee-style act. n 1978, Ebony magazine named them the World’s Greatest Gospel Group.
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Golden gate jubilee quartet

Founded in 1934 by four students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia. the group sang in churches and on local radio which how they made a name for themselves. They were the first black musical group to sing at Constitution Hall and later performing several times at the White House. The jubilee quartets used nothing but their mouths to imitate instruments. Incredible right?

The fairfield four

An American Gospel group that started out as a trio at Fairfield Baptist Church in 1921 known as the fairfield four, which has existed for over 90 years. Originally the trio was directed by the church's assistant pastor, J. R. Carrethers, and consisted of his sons Rufus and Harold plus their neighbor John Battle. In 1925, the group became a quartet when Lattimer Green joined. the group released over 100 recordings on several record labels.
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Founded by bass singer Len Williams and baritone Delroy Hollins in. They began performing around 1919. Before the golden gate quartet came out they were the best thing that had come out of the Tidewater region of Virginia. In the early 20's they were mostly known for blues and jazz however as time went on they began to devote to more sacred music. April 1923 they made their first Paramount recordings.
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THE soul stirrers

The group was formed by Roy Crain in 1926 in Trinity, Texas. The Soul Stirrers, formed as a jubilee quartet, eventually altered their sound. They were the first quartet to add a second lead which at the time was known as "swing lead." They moved away from the traditional jubilee style toward hard gospel styles and diminished the line between religious and secular music. They steered others into the direction of of rock & roll and soul.
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Birmingham Jubilee singers

Straight out of Birmingham, Alabama founded by Charles Bridges, the Birmingham jubilee singers became Alabama's first non-amateur quartet. They were discovered by a Columbia Records talent scout and then recorded in Atlanta. Through live radio broadcast they were able to spread their music nationally. They were named Columbia's most prolific black vocal groups and sang both gospel and secular music in cities like New York and Chicago.
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In 1866 the Fisk Free Colored School was established in Nashville, Tennessee by the American Missionary Association. The group was consisted of students at Fisk University who were newly freed slaves.The group was organized to raise money for the school. The original group toured along the Underground Railroad paths in the U.S. the group was made up of 9 choir members: Five black men and five black girls. They were the first to present slave music to the world. It was one of the earliest and and famous black vocal group.
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Nicknamed “The Gentlemen of Song” the group was founded in 1942 out of Philadelphia by Barney Parks, who had also sung with the Dixie Hummingbirds. Originally known as the Lamplighters. Their music started off in the rhythmic jubilee style and later on shifted to traditional gospel. During the 1950's they became very well liked. In 1957 they performed on the Gospel Train tour. They were the first group inducted into the American Gospel Quartet Convention Hall of Fame.
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Aspects of jubilee quartets

The jubilee quartet came soon after negro spirituals


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