Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price and the Sound of Sisterhood

In the article, “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price and the Sound of Sisterhood,” by Alisha Lola Jones it discussed the importance of black sisterhood and showed the example of Marian Anderson and Florence B. Price. When I was in middle school, I participated in a summer dance camp and we learned about Marian Anderson and her music, as well as traveled to her home in Philadelphia that is now a museum. It was great reading this article because I really admired Marian Anderson’s work as a singer and activist for black women’s rights. Reading this article made me feel extremely inspired at the fact that black women have been working together since the beginning of time, but it also made me feel upset due to the fact that white women used their privilege to exclude us from the rights that we deserved. Time and time again in history black women have had to stick together and overcome obstacles for ourselves and the people around us. As black women, we not only carry the load of ourselves, but also the load of the ones we love. It’s unfortunate that even in a time where we are supposed to be include, we are yet again excluded because of the colr of our skin. 

Additionally, reading this article reminded me of how important it is to build your sisters up, especially when everyone around us is trying to tear us down. Reading about how Marian specifically chose to sing Florence’s piece as a stand to racism and sexism reminds me of the importance of black sisterhood. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to attend Spelman. To be in a place that is made for me, where I get to foster relationships with young women who look like me, and we help build each other up is something that was unheard of for me. Being at Spelman has shown me the importance of black sisterhood and how when no one has our back, we have our own, just like Marian and Florence had each other. 


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