Marian Anderson by Olivia Tomlinson

Review of Marian Anderson by Olivia Tomlinson

Marian Anderson’s performance at the Lincoln Memorial raised awareness to the power of black women in civil rights and suffragette movements.  Women like Anderson and Florence are an example of womanism; an idea created by Alice Walker which is similar to feminism but is targeted more towards black women, because it includes intersectionality as a factor that contributes to a woman’s daily life.  At the time of Marian’s performance, segregation was still in practice.  In an act of resilience, Anderson performed at the Lincoln Memorial to a crowd of about 75,000.  After singing multiple songs she finished her concert off with a Negro Spiritual, which was powerful enough as a finale.  However the spiritual she chose was composed by a woman and the program description listed her full name, unlike any of the other composers on the list.  

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