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Justice Phillips

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Negro Spirituals












Dreamgirls is a Broadway musical that premiered in 1981. It is based on the story of The Supremes and the history of Motown. In 2006,

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Justice Phillips Final

Justice Phillips For Final Project on Pharrell Williams Click here Genres We Have Discussed Negro Spirituals Folk Quartets Ragtime Blues Classical https://youtu.be/sUvuXJP_LOg Jazz https://youtu.be/PbL9vr4Q2LU Musicals

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The O’Jays- R&B post

The O’Jays are an R&B music group that originated in Canton, Ohio in 1958. The group originally consisted of members Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, William

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Baby, It’s the Blues!

Origin: The blues originated in the deep south and are known to have originated in the 1890’s. Blues music has its roots in Africa but

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Ragtime : The Prelude to Jazz

Ragtime (1896-1920) The beginning of the 20th century witnessed the emergence of a new syncopated instrumental music, known as ragtime. Ragtime was different from everything

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Quartets: Jubilee to Gospel

The African American quartet tradition originated in the mid 1800’s. The quartet stems from the negro spiritual, containing “distinctive elements and sonic qualities that express

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Justice Phillips Introduction

I’m Justice Tone’ Phillips, a first year dual degree engineering, physics major. I’m 18 years old, from Chicago,IL. I’m the only child on my mother’s

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No Point Counter Point ( Extra Credit Assignment)

All posts are completed.

My Favorite genre is a tie between R&B and Hip-Hop. Both genres are just appealing to my ears. I enjoy the mood that I’m in when listening to each genre. When listening to R&B, I feel cool, calm, and relaxed. When listening to hip hop I feel energized and excited. The beats associated with each genre are the best parts of it all. My favorite artist, Bryson Tiller, has found a way to combine both R&B and Hip Hop, and I am at my happiest point when listening to his music. 

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