Music Through The Years 2000-2018

Songs of the years 2000-2018

2000just friends/ Musiq Soul Childlike the songr&b
2001differences/ ginuwinelike the songr&b/ soul
2002don’tchange/ musiq soulchildsong I listened to a lot r&b/ soul
2003diary/ alicia keysgreat song by alicia keysr&b/ soul
2004slow jams/ twistasong I likehip hop/ rap
200536mafia/ stay flygreat turn up songhip hop/ rap
2006you/ llyodI love this songr&b/ soul
2007 promise ring/ tiffany evanslistened to this song everyday that yearpop
2008if I were a boy/ beyoncélike the songpop
2009boyfriend #2/ pleasure plike the songr&b/ soul
2010ashton martn music/ rick ross great songhip hop/ rap
2011blunt blowin/ lil wayne a wayne classicrap
2012pyramids /frank oceanone of my fav frank ocean songspop
2013drunk in love / Beyoncé ftJayZsung this song a lot that yearpop
2014Preach /Young Dolphlife anthem/ foreva moodrap
2015blow my load/ tyler the creatorfav tyler songhip hop/ rap
2016pink+white/ Frank Oceanliked a lotpop
2017garden(say it like that) szafav sza songr&b/ soul
2018no bystanders/ travis scottnew fav song rn rap

No Bystanders – Travis Scott  (Year 2018)

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Tiana Worrell

Tiana Worrell

It’s Time To Get Funky

Origin & Characteristics Funk emerged in the late 1960s and become very popular in the 1970s. It is seen as a form of dance music

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Jazz Fusion

ORIGIN AND CHARACTERISTICS Originated in the 1970’s from the release of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew in 1969 (sold over half a million copies) Started a

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A New Era Of Classical Music

Origin & Characteristics In the early twentieth century, classically trained African American composers emerged and taught at various black colleges and universities. During the antebellum

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