20 Facts about Folk Music

20 Facts About African American Folk Music

1. Folk Music originated in the 19th century in North America from diverse cultures.
2.Folk Music oldest versions of songs are Hymn to Nikolai, and Human Hymn.
3.Folk Music was and still is a genre of music that is used to encourage dancing.
4. Folk Music was heavily influenced sounds relating to country music, and has a strong linked connection to this day.
5. Some Folk Music artists include the Alamanac Singers, Ani DiFranco, and Ben Harper.
6.Enslaved African-Americans would come together to sing Negro Spirituals which is a form of Folk Music.
7.Folk Music include include instruments, such as the banjo, the fiddle, drum, rhythm bones and the djembe.
8.Folk Music can be used for body motion similar to ham-boing known as patting Juba.
9.Folk Music was adopted by artists, like Tracy Chapman to promote social activism.
10.Folk Music was and still is inspired by the black community.
11.Folk Music means of remembrance of the sufferings, and hope of our ancestors.
12.Folk Music inspired change during the civil rights movement.
13.Folk, Music, invokes, an emotional response from its listeners.
14. Folk Music is a form of expression for our African-American people since slavery times.
15. Folk Music artists also include Odetta and Nina Simone.
16.Folk Music represents the untold stories of African Americans.
17.Folk Music demonstrates African Americans New World combined their observations of the European song and dance.
18. Folk Music is a part of African-Americans every day routine. It is incorporated into everything we do. 
19.Folk Music plays a major role in the sounds today’s music, such as blues and jazz.
20.Folk music is a primary source of how today’s music sounds and operates as stated prior to Folk Music was and still is the backbone to all music.

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