Notes by Anjae Turman

  • Jazz was an instant swing . 
  • It was the first type of genre that represented for the world. 
  • Some people viewed jazz as a sin. 
  • The roots of jazz was established in the western part of Africa. 
  • Jazz music started when Africans were migrated to America. 
  • Buddy Bolden was the first most popular jazz artist
  • Louis Armstrong he was known as the “father of jazz”. 
  • Louis Armstrong combined all the aspects of jazz and created his own sound
  • He was best known for his trumpet solo’s
  • Jazz was first known in New Orleans
  • New Orleans wasn’t the only city with a fresh jazz sound. Jelly Roll Morton was a jazz musician who performed in Chicago and Detroit.
  • White Artists was known for recording music in the studio. In the studio, African Americans were not allowed to make music.
  • The audience in the south became more accepting to jazz music.
  • Jazz was born during the Roaring Twenties.
  • Many artists relocated to Harlem in order to pursue careers as performers in nightclubs or on stage at night.
  • Jazz was international
  • In 1924, artist Sam Wooding came to Berlin and began performing in South America and Barcelona, Spain.
  • Leslie started off as an alto and later on became a tenor
  • The first leading ladies of jazz was Mary Marie Louis
  • Harlem swing was a dance form they used to transition from swing to jazz.
  • One of the first female jazz musicians was Lil Harvey
  • Ragtime was invented initially, and then jazz was developed through time.
  • John B Johnson was influenced by jazz, and he soon established his own musical performance, “Charleston.”

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