Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago Concert Review

Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire Concert Review


In 2004, the bands Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire performed a joint concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Chicago is a rock band that was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1967. The band has sold over 100 million records. During the concert, they performed predominately funk and popular music during the concert.

Funk came into existence in the 1960s. The funk genre is made up of a mixture of various other Black music genres including R&B, jazz and soul. Funk music is characterized soulful vocals, an upbeat sound with syncopated rhythms, instrumental arrangements that are stylistically similar to blues and the incorporation of the guitar and the tambourine. Funk music had more of a Black Pride message than the genres before it. Funk was identified as the dance music of the time. Other funk artists include James Brown and George Clinton.

The Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago concert began with the performance of  the song “Beginnings.” This song was more on the rock genre side, however, it showcased one of the main characteristics of the funk genre: the horn arrangement at the beginning of the song. You also hear the incorporation of the tambourine and the guitar. The music is more upbeat which showed its funk roots. As the concert went on, the music seemed to become more funk centered. It was easier to identify the style of music when Earth, Wind & Fire was performing than Chicago. Earth, Wind & Fire also had a more soulful sound than Chicago. I consistently heard the various horn arrangements throughout the concert. Some of the instruments that were used during the concert were guitars, tambourines, saxophones, trumpets, drums and a keyboard.

I found that while both sounds were essentially funk, the message and meaning of the music was very different. And because of that, you could tell through the sounds of the voices and the flow and the music.




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