Earth, Wind, and Fire: R&B, Soul, and Funk

Earth, Wind, and Fire was founded in Chicago by Maurice White in 1969. The group originally had three members, Maurice White, Wade Flemons, and Don Whitehead and they went by the name, “The Salty Peppers”. The trio earned a recording contract with Capitol Records but went separate ways after little success. Maurice White then went on to recruit other members, including his brother to become Earth, Wind, and Fire. Today, Earth, Wind, and Fire can be described as one of the most influential groups to exist in music. Their music covers many genres, mostly  Funk, R&B, and Soul. With the groups many accomplishments and them bringing a new sound to music, the group has been named as founders of black pop music.


The group has had many hits such as “Boogie Wonderland”, “September”, and ” Sunday Morning”. These hits continue to be played even today. Throughout their career, the band experimented with a lot of sounds including their infamous electronic sound. This particular sound of Earth, Wind and Fire has promoted peace, happiness, and good vibes all around. They introduced the World and African Americans to pop music with flares of jazz and r&b.  They’ve influenced many artist such as Whitney Houston, D’Angelo, and other artist who have covered their hits. From their starting point, the group has had many additional members throughout the years and with the death of their lead vocalist, Maurice White, the group has changed tremendously.  His brother, Verdine White continues on his legacy in the group. The group has earned many achievements, including having multiple songs on the Billboard Top 100 and having a  star on the Hollywood  Walk of Fame. Earth, Wind, and Fire are one of the greatest bands of all time because they helped to bridge the gap between black music and white America and made great music for all.

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