Earth, Wind, and Fire Concert Review

The following are the notes that I took while enjoying Earth, Wind, and Fire’s performance at the Greek Theatre in Chicago:

The first song has a clear B section that separates the melody at the beginning and the end. THe performance showcases the vocals as second to the instruments and the accompaniment. There are a number of percussion instruments, not just the drums. It was clear to me from the contrasting attire that this is a performance of two bands coming together combining their styles. There were two moments during the first song where two musicians seem to “battle” and improvise together on top of the melody. It happened with two guitarists and a trombonist and trumpeter.


There was a very short break between the first and second song and they kept the energy flowing.


The timbre between the Black performers and the White performers is distinct.


After the white people left, the sound of all the instruments sounded a lot more cohesive and of one accord rather than multiple styles and rhythms at once.


Black music tends to intersect beyond more than just the music but also into religion and all other aspects of life “If you’re blessed raise your hand”.


African thumb piano called the Calimba

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