Earth Wind and Fire & Chicago Concert

Earth Wind and Fire, the legendary funk group hailing from Chicago, Illinois, has traveled the world to perform some of their greatest hits. With their varying instruments and vocals, Earth Wind and Fire can be considered one of the most unique groups of all time. In their 2004 performance with Chicago at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California, it can be said that there was a collaboration of two genres, as Chicago is often considered a rock band. A few of the Chicago artists that performed in the concert included James Pankow, Keith Howland, and Robert Lamm. Nevertheless, this was one of the greatest performances that I’ve ever seen.

Throughout the show, I noticed that the focus was more on the instruments than the artists actually singing. I found this very interesting because, although there were less vocal performances than expected, the concert was amazing even with the emphasis on the electric piano, guitar, trumpet, and many other instruments. Personally, this was my favorite component of the concert, along with their performance of “September”. Also, I was impressed at how the different vocal ranges of the artists came together beautifully to create a masterpiece.

If you are familiar with the funk group, you know that Earth Wind and Fire always like to spice up their shows with their wardrobe choices, which usually consists of various patterns and bright colors. Attention-grabbing is definitely an understatement, but it is important to captive the audience. Thus, their success is evident that they indeed do just that. There was a little choreography throughout the show, but you certainly knew when grooving transitioned to choreographed moves. Although the group may not be as popular as they were in the 1970s and 80s, Earth Wind and Fire has made their mark in history and this legendary concert was one for the books.


-Ivorie Farley-Cook

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