Earth Wind and Fire

In 2004 Earth, Wind, and Fire performed alongside the group Chicago at the Greek Theatre. Earth Wind and Fire is a funk group that was founded in Chicago, Illinois in the late 1960s. The group Earth, Wind, and Fire consists of several group members that are responsible for vocals and instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet, electric piano, and a few other instruments. There are a lot of components in the very successful band and that was very clear in their performance with the group Chicago at the Greek Theatre.

In the almost three-hour performance both groups put on an amazing show. Although the group Chicago is known as a rock band, Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire performed so cohesively that they seemed like one group. Earth Wind and Fire performed many of their hit songs, a few of the songs were “Boogie Wonderland”, “Let’s Groove”, and “September”. Although the lead vocals of each song were very important to the performance, it was clear throughout the show that the instruments were equally important. Throughout the performance there were many breaks from the vocal aspect of the show and the instrumentalists were allowed to shine.

Other components of the performance include the choreography that took place during the show. Although the choreography was subtle in most of the performance there were some moments where it was very apparent that the movements were rehearsed. The choreography helped bring even more excitement to the show. Along with choreographed sections, the wardrobe of the Earth Wind and Fire members were also a focus of their performances. Their wardrobe throughout the show consisted of bright colors and unusual patterns. Their wardrobe was a representation of the time periods in which Earth Wind and Fire was at their peak in popularity which was in the 1970s-1980s.

Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago were two very influential groups for over a decade and although they were apart of two different genres, their performance together was truly breathtaking. Funk elements were an essential part of the show and it was even more noticeable due to the variety of instruments on stage.

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