Aubrey Drake Graham: The Legend

by: Sierra Foster

Aubrey Drake Graham journey began on October 24th, 1986, on Weston Road in Canada where he was born to his white, Jewish mother and Black Father.

Drake began his process of establishing himself as an icon very early in his life, dropping out of high school, which he eventually finished at 25 and joining the cast of the Canadian-based show Degrassi, where he played the infamous Jimmy Brooks.

Although he had great success on the show throughout his years acting on it, Graham had always had been exposed to music with his dad playing the drums in a band for Jerry Lee Lewis and he knew that he wanted to embrace this side of him, promising himself that he would establish himself as a global star. 

After juggling both music and acting, Drake was forced to “pick a profession” with him being in the studio to 5:00 am, then having to be on set by 8:00 am and eventually chose to devote himself to his music.

In 2009 he released his first most listened to track from his mixtape “So Far Gone” that he dropped under his own record label OVO (October’s Very Own). The song “Best I Ever Had” led the star in the making to be nominated for his first not one, but two Grammy Awards. 

Later that same year, Drake made the decision to sign with Lil Wayne’s “Young Money” Entertainment and released his first album, “Thank Me Later”  a year later in 2010, which went platinum in less than a week.

His first album to go triple platinum, which he also won a Grammy for, was his “Take Care” album where Drake established himself as a “different” rapper. His song “Marvin’s Room” sparked much conversation with fans feeling it was too “soft”. However, Drake explained that this is his emotions that he is speaking and proved to have a unique way of showcasing himself as a rapper. 

He has continued for decades of great success and began to dabble in other fields such as producing and film making. Some of the visuals he has played a part in creating are “Top Boy”, “Euphoria”, and “The Carter Effect”. 

He also established greater wealth by investing in his own clothing brand “OVO”, the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, and the “Virginia Black Whiskey company”.

Music has always played a huge part of Drake’s life, acting as his way of telling his story and was even the way he told the world about his relationships, like with Rihanna or Jennifer  and the life of his first born child, Adonis Graham, who he had been keeping private. 

Coming from what he describes as nothing, Drake has become one of the wealthiest rappers alive, according to Forbes with a net worth of over $100 million.

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