Dorothy Love Coates

Dorothy Love Coates (January 30th 1928-April 9th 2002 was an American gospel artist)

Early/middle/Late years

Dorothy started playing piano in a Baptist church when her mother in father got divorced at the age of ten. After that she wanted to do more so years after she joined her brother and sister in the McGriff singers. Dororthy actually quit school to work doing laundry and other things. She then joined the Gospel Haromonettes where her career really took off.


Dorothy has a lot of songs so I’m only going to name the top ones.

Thats enough     You must be born again     The Railroad

Love lifted me        Get away Jordan        I’ll be with thee

No hiding place     Step by step                 strange man 

I’m sealed              The Hymn                I’m glad he found me


Although many people tried to sway Dorothy to change her music style she wouldn’t. She had her own vocal style and wouldn’t let no one change her mind about it.

My opinion on her is that she is a very good person who knows what she wants. She won’t let nobody change her mind and her music is very good. Overall I’m glad she didn’t let no one change her mind and I’m glad she had a good life 

Dorothy was the main reason her group was successful. On record and In person everyone loved her spirit and would want her back on stage she left a good impression on everyone.

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